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Rollover accidents in Georgia have become a common cause of car accidents in recent years. The injuries sustained in a rollover accident can be particularly severe. Many people mistakenly blame drivers for causing the accident. Reckless drivers can make mistakes. However, the experienced rollover accident attorneys at Gary Martin Hays think differently. Defective auto parts often contribute to rollover accidents. That’s why car companies like Ford and Toyota have recalled thousands of vehicles in recent years due to rollover accidents.

If you’ve been in a rollover accident in Georgia, it’s important to take action immediately. Contact Gary Martin Hays & Associates. Call 1-800-898-HAYS right now.  Our accident attorneys in Atlanta know how to put together a solid case on your behalf, designed to get results.  We’re not intimidated by insurance company representatives who often pressure accident victims into accepting a “lowball” settlement that doesn’t cover the true cost of your injuries.

How vehicle rollover accidents happen

Rollover accidents involving only a single vehicle might have a vehicle design defect or defective car part as part of the cause, such as a defective tire that leads to a blowout. SUVs and pickup trucks are the most likely to be involved in a fatal rollover car accident, accounting for more than half of such accidents. Many of these deaths occur when the roof collapses while rolling over.

An SUV’s short wheelbase relative to the height of the vehicle makes the vehicle top-heavy and prone to rolling over. Despite the accident and fatality statistics over the years, some auto manufacturers have done little to modify the design to improve passenger safety. Contact our experienced attorneys to determine if you have legal rights to seek compensation from the vehicle manufacturer for losses suffered in your rollover accident.

Experienced, aggressive accident lawyer for rollover accidents — we’re ready to help

At Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we recognize how difficult it can be to recover from an auto accident. Your first step to simplify the process is to contact us today. From the insurance forms to the medical bills, our experienced staff of Atlanta personal injury attorneys can help you sort through it all. Call 1-800-898-HAYS. There is no fee for your initial consultation. Now is the time to act.