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At the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we built our reputation on our results. In case after case, our personal injury lawyers consistently obtain sizable verdicts and settlements for injury victims and their families in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. We are Georgia’s Power Law Firm with over $1 billion recovered for our clients. Listen to what some of our clients have to say.

Confidential Amount Premises liability/inadequate security victim shot and killed.
Confidential Amount Premises liability/inadequate security victim shot and paralyzed.
$4.2 MillionTractor-trailer collision involving a mother and her two children.
$3.5 Million Pregnant 19-year-old and parents injured in a crash. Had an emergency C-section but the baby did not survive.

$21.6 Million Dollar Verdict

Tractor-Trailer Wreck - Co-Counsel

$5.8 Million Settlement

Premises Liability/Inadequate Security - Co-Counsel

$5.5 Million Settlement

Premises Liability/Inadequate Security - Co-Counsel

$5.25 Million Dollar Partial Settlement

Premises Liability/Product Liability

$4.5 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Construction accident involving road construction equipment

$4 Million Settlement

Premises Liability/Inadequate Security - Co-Counsel

$3.5 Million Settlement

Premises Liability/Inadequate Security - Co-Counsel

$3.25 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Pedestrian hit by car

$1.5 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Car wreck involving leg injury

$1.25 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Car wreck involving knee injury

$1.25 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Car wreck with leg injury/surgery

$1.25 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Car wreck with cervical fusion

$1.125 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Pedestrian hit by car - Co-Counsel

$1 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Tractor-Trailer Collision - Co-Counsel

$1 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Pedestrian hit by car

$1 Million Settlement for Policy Limits

Tractor-trailer collision with motorcycle

$750,000 Settlement for Policy Limits

Car wreck involving leg injury

$730,000 Settlement

Car wreck - Co-Counsel

$700,000 Settlement for Policy Limits

Motorcycle wreck

$600,000 Settlement

Premises Liability/Inadequate Security

$525,000 Partial Settlement

Rear-end collision

$525,000 Settlement

A 43-year-old male was side-swiped by a tractor-trailer. Torn rotator cuff in the right shoulder requiring a rotator cuff repair surgery.

$500,000 Settlement for Policy Limits

Car wreck involving an injured passenger in the at-fault vehicle

$355,000 Settlement

Defendant pulled out from a side road and hit the client who was on a motorcycle, throwing the client off and onto the road. Client suffered a broken tibia and fibula, broken right thumb, and lacerations.

$300,000 Settlement for Policy Limits

Rear-end collision/brake failure

$300,000 Settlement

Motorcycle wreck involving a 24-year-old male. Broken left leg with surgery.

And 48,000 More Cases Settled for Top Dollar


Private property rear-end chain-reaction wreck involving 54-year-old passenger. Neck surgery.


While parked on the side of the highway, 51-year-old client was rear-ended. MRI showed cervical disc bulges and lumbar disc herniation. Underwent cervical facet injections and lumbar fusion surgery.


51-year-old client employed as concrete mix truck driver. Diagnosed with silicosis of the lungs, an occupational disease.


A 46-year-old client was coming down a ladder with a large item and fell. He thought he was okay until his pain worsened. X-rays and an MRI revealed there was no cartilage between his left knee - it was bone to bone. Required a total knee replacement.


DUI collision involving a 21-year-old female. Neck surgery.


Hit-and-run motorcycle wreck involving 25-year-old male. Leg fracture and a broken finger.

"When you go through something traumatic, you need to feel cared about, you need to feel like it's going to be ok and that you're going to get results. I would absolutely recommend Gary Martin Hays & Associates!"


Rear-end wreck involving 75-year-old male. Neck surgery.


Head-on wreck with large truck involving a 53-year-old male. Wrist fracture.


Rear-end collision caused a back injury requiring surgery.


33-year-old police officer injured both hips in an altercation while chasing a suspect. Had to have one total hip replacement.


Defendant rear-ended client as he and other cars were stopped for an animal that was in the street. This caused the client to hit the vehicle in front of him but that vehicle left the scene. Client had neck and back injuries and was recommended to have back surgery.


T-bone wreck involving 46-year-old male. Herniated disc in the neck.


29-year-old client thrown from a scissor lift onto pavement while working. Suffered a broken hip, broken foot, and a herniated disc in their lower back. Underwent hip surgery, physical therapy for low back, and needed an orthopedic boot for the foot.


Unsecured door caused 16-year-old female to fall from moving vehicle. Closed head fracture.


T-bone wreck involving a 65-year-old male. Right ankle fracture.


DUI driver versus pedestrian wreck involving 16-year-old male. Non-surgical neck fracture.


Head-on wreck involving 69-year-old female. Broken right foot.


Rear-end wreck involving 54-year-old female with changes to breast implant.


A 59-year-old male injured on the job. Disc herniation in low back requiring surgery.


Rear-end collision on I-285. 67-year-old client had prior neck and low-back surgeries. Left shoulder pain resulted in an MRI and surgery.


Car collision with client on a moped. Client died. Compensation granted to family.


Rear-end collision involving a 43-year-old male. Disc protrusion in the low back and a herniated disc in the neck.


Delivery driver struck in the back of the head by a faulty bay door. Injured several cervical discs and suffered a severe concussion. Had to have a cervical discectomy and cervical fusion surgeries.


Rear-end wreck involving a 35-year-old female. Neck and back pain with injections.


Defendant turned left in front of 28-year-old client, cited for failure to yield. She suffered cervical disc herniation and numbness throughout her body. Had to receive epidural injections. Cervical fusion recommended after injections failed to provide relief.


Airport baggage handler injured right shoulder loading heavy bags, tearing the bicep tendon and rotator cuff. Underwent total shoulder replacement.


Client's vehicle was hit head-on and spun off an embankment, causing a fractured right foot and bruising.


Failure-to-yield wreck. Cervical and lumbar herniations and protrusions.


Rear-end wreck involving 48-year-old male caused changes to his heart condition.


Refrigerator fell on a 36-year-old client at a warehouse. As she attempted to keep it from falling on her, she suffered multiple broken bones in her foot which required surgery. The injury may have also caused her to experience Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


Rear-end wreck involving 55-year-old male. Annular tear in the low back and neck disc herniation with injections.


Rear-end collision on I-85 entrance ramp. 63-year-old client needed physical therapy, injections, and rotator cuff repair for his left shoulder.


52-year-old ER nurse herniated her lumbar disc while moving a heavy, unconscious patient. Client underwent injections and physical therapy, then lumbar discectomy.


51-year-old client felt a pull in his back while lifting a pump that turned out to be a lumbar herniated disc. Received a lumbar laminectomy.


Defendant had a heart attack, hit a car that then hit the client's vehicle and pushed her off the road. She suffered a broken ankle that required surgery and physical therapy.


Defendant performed an improper lane change resulting in the total loss of the client's vehicle They suffered neck and back injuries as a result and needed injections.


Rear-end collision involving a 29-year-old female. Left knee sprain and bilateral lumbar facet joint effusions.


Rear-end collision involving a 27-year-old female. Shoulder sprain and neck sprain.


Single-car collision caused minor passenger to suffer a broken hip.


Client was unloading an air conditioner to install and felt a pop in his shoulder. Needed SLAP repair surgery for a labral tear.


Client was a passenger in a car that was hit from behind and totaled out. She suffered a back injury and had to get epidural injections. Client had other disabilities that prevented a fast recovery.


27-year-old forklift driver's right foot crushed by a large coil. X-rays and scans revealed broken toes, dislocated foot, torn ligaments, and two broken bones along the top of her foot. Underwent surgery to repair the damage.


Defendant charged with DUI. 34-year-old client suffered neck pain and a concussion as a result of the wreck. Went to emergency room and received a CAT scan; also had to go to a chiropractor for follow-up care.


A 48-year-old male's vehicle overturned after being cut off. Laceration to his arm, herniated disc in his neck, and herniated disc in his low back.


Failure-to-yield collision involving a 24-year-old male. Fractured patella and cervical strain.


Falling scaffolding hit 22-year-old client in the head and left shoulder. He had to receive injections for the pain (cervical medial branch blocks), get an EMG, and go to physical therapy.


Rear-end collision involving a 57-year-old female. Suffered cervical herniations.


Parents and child hit head-on by an at-fault driver who failed to yield when turning left. Disc bulges/herniations for parents and neck strain for the child.


Client was a passenger in a car that hit a median and they received a large laceration to their head.


Following-too-closely wreck. Shoulder labrum tear.


Failure to yield. Multiple lower back disc protrusions.


Rear-end collision. Lower back disc bulges with shifting.


Commercial truck rear-end collision. Lumbar disc protrusions.


30-year-old male T-boned when the at-fault driver failed to yield. Lumbar disc herniation and sprain.


Rear-end collision involving a 47-year-old-male. Neck and back strain.


Rear-end collision during an ice storm involving a 30-year-old female. Cervical herniation and concussion.


Improper lane change collision. Cervical strains and sprains with a right elbow contusion.


Rear-end collision while turning right. Shoulder and lumbar sprains. Cervical disc protrusion.


25-year-old female T-boned when the at-fault driver failed to yield. Cervical herniations.


Commercial truck rear-end wreck involving a 17-year-old female. Cervical and lumbar strain.


Pedestrian hit by a car that failed to yield. Sprained shoulder ligaments.


43-year-old female run off the road by a driver traveling in the wrong direction. Right shoulder sprain and neck sprain.


Rear-end collision. Knee injury with meniscus tear.


Rear-end collision. Client suffered a hairline fracture in the foot and had to wear an orthopedic boot for months.


Rear-end collision caused a client to suffer neck and back injuries. A magistrate verdict awarded nearly double the amount offered by the insurance company prior to filing the lawsuit

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