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Drunk and distracted drivers on the roads in Georgia put our families at risk every day. These drivers can cause serious accidents, severe injuries, and death on our highways. Other fatal car accidents may involve car and truck collisions in which a tractor-trailer’s immense size and weight crushes the passenger compartment. No matter what factors led to your accident, you deserve aggressive legal representation.

Don’t let another day go by wondering if the insurance company will compensate you for your car accident in Georgia. Contact an experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney at Gary Martin Hays & Associates today. Call at 1-800-898-HAYS to get the wheels of justice turning in your favor.

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Types of car accident cases we handle

Car accidents can happen anywhere, anytime in Georgia. You could be traveling north on I-75 when you’re hit by a drunk driver. A distracted driver who’s paying more attention to a text message than to the road ahead could rear-end you while you’re stopped at a red light. Gary Martin Hays & Associates handles the following type of car accident cases:

Auto accident case experience gives us an edge

Our attorneys we are Atlanta personal injury lawyers and are familiar with the legal complexities that may be involved in a wide range of circumstances. We handle work-related car accidents or ones involving an uninsured driver. We’re familiar with railroad crossing accidents and all the issues associated with them. We can help you sort through the insurance company’s process of filing a claim. Experience matters. Allow us to help you. Contact us today.

We take on the insurance companies to get car accident victims everything they deserve

At Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we recognize how difficult it can be to recover from a car accident. Simplify the process. Contact us today. From the insurance forms to the medical bills, our experienced staff can help you sort through it all and help you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. Call 1-800-898-
HAYS. There is no fee for your initial consultation. Now is the time to act.