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Three Ways We Handle Trucking Companies

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While accidents involving two motorists can be difficult to deal with, any accident involving a commercial truck is even more so. After a regular car accident, you and the other motorist are on fairly equal footing, with one insurance company representing each driver. After a truck accident, you're not just up against a truck driver - your opponent is the trucking company, with millions of dollars and a team of high-paid attorneys on their side.

You need your own representation to even those odds. You need Gary Martin Hays & Associates on your side. We've handled hundreds of accidents involving commercial trucks, and our attorneys are adept at dealing with trucking companies. Here's why.

We investigate right away

Trucking companies don't waste time after an accident. They send teams to investigate the accident scene, usually within hours of the wreck. Their goal is simple: to collect the information the trucking company needs to win its case and reduce or deny your claim.

You need a law firm on your side with the resources to do the same. We'll launch our own investigation as soon as you retain our firm. Our team routinely takes pictures of accident scenes, interviews witnesses and combs through records to find the evidence proving that the trucking company should be liable for your injuries. We won't rest until we've found the path to a successful legal case.

We know what to look for

Of course, that investigation would be useless if we didn't know what information we need. Remember, we're not just trying to prove liability on the part of the truck driver - we're looking to see whether the trucking company is responsible as well. By determining exactly what happened and why, we can help you win your case.

For instance, if we investigate the accident scene and notice a lack of skid marks, that may mean the trucker fell asleep at the wheel and didn't hit the brakes before impact. We'll then look at the truck's log to see whether mandatory breaks were taken and hours of service regulations were followed. Investigating further, we'll find out whether the trucker made an irresponsible decision - or whether the trucking company put pressure on the driver to work through those breaks in order to meet an unreasonable deadline.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, we may be able to file a claim against the trucking company on the grounds of negligent hiring practices, negligent supervision or failure to appropriately train the driver or maintain the truck. We've successfully handled cases involving unrealistic delivery schedules, overloaded trucks and more.

We'll handle the insurance

Truck accidents can be complicated cases in part because of the multiple insurance companies involved. It's common for the cab and trailer to have their own insurance. If other motorists were involved in your accident - which is common when a truck jackknifes or rolls over - they will each have their own insurance as well. Accepting a settlement from one insurer could affect the others' liability, and once you've taken an insurance company's money, there is very little an attorney can do.

Once you've retained Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we'll take care of the insurance for you so that you can focus on your recovery. One of the first things we'll do is contact the trucking company and its insurance carriers to let them know that you have retained an attorney and they can direct all future inquiries to us. We'll sort out the insurance situation and review every applicable policy to make sure you're getting full compensation for the wreck. Our founder, Gary Martin Hays, used to work for the insurance companies - now, he'll use the knowledge he gained early in his legal career to stand up to them and protect your rights.

Don't try to face the trucking companies alone. We're always ready to take your call. Contact us as soon as possible after the accident to get started on your case. Call 1-800-898-HAYS.

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