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Work Injuries Caused By Defective, Old, or Outdated Machinery

Defective machinery can cause numerous hazards for workers in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and other industries. Both heavy industrial equipment and intricate machinery require a high level of training and skill to operate safely. When a piece of machinery is defective, it can result in severe or fatal injuries for workers. We understand how traumatic and...

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Can You Get Workers’ Comp Even If the Injury Was Your Fault?

The simple answer is: yes. Even if you accidentally injure yourself while working, you can still receive workers' comp. (There are some exceptions, and we have listed those below.) Here is what you need to know about fault vs. workers’ compensation. A dozen states including Georgia follow “no-fault” workers’ compensation laws. A no-fault workers' compensation...

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Electrical Work Injuries: Types, Causes, and Stats

While electrical injuries on the job are rare, they have a high morbidity rate due to the rapid trauma inflicted on the body. Even if a worker survives contact, they may suffer long-term damage that affects multiple tissues and internal organs. Nearly all electrical accidents and injuries are preventable. When safety procedures are ignored —...

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Returning to Work After a Concussion: Treatment & Workers’ Compensation

Roughly 1 in 4 mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs) happen while at work. Workplace brain injuries often result in substantial loss of productivity, economic stress, long-term symptoms, and disability. Workers who suffer a head injury on the job are almost always eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. To ensure you receive the benefits you are...

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Workers’ Compensation for Retail Workplace Accident and Injuries

While retail work isn’t as hazardous as other positions like the construction industry, it still comes with its own risks and dangers. People who work in large merchandise stores like Walmart, food and beverage stores, or building material and garden supply stores suffer job-related illnesses and injuries more often than most realize. If you were...

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How to Qualify for GA Workers’ Comp After a Heart Attack or Stroke at Work

A heart attack or stroke can happen anywhere and at any time, including at work. Proving that your sudden medical event is worthy of receiving workers’ compensation, however, is difficult. In most cases, suffering a heart attack or stroke while working is not enough to qualify for benefits in Georgia. The insurance companies will argue...

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Your Georgia Workers’ Comp Claim Was Denied — Now What?

Work injuries are generally covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. But your workers’ compensation claim was denied by your employer or the insurance company — what happens now? What alternatives does the law allow you to pursue? It’s in your best interest to speak with a Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible....

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Can Part-Time Employees File for Workers' Compensation?

In most cases, part-time employees can file for workers’ compensation in Georgia. Employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance if they regularly employ three or more people in their Georgia business. If a part-time employee has regularly scheduled hours or days of work, they are generally eligible to receive workers’ compensation for their injuries....

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Employee Rights Under the Workers’ Compensation Act of Georgia

Whenever an employee is hurt on the job, it is extremely important that the injured worker understand all of their rights. As far as the insurance company is concerned, the less a worker knows about their benefits, the better. Workers should also know that the insurance companies and lawyers that represent their workplace do not...

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FAQ About Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Workers injured on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. But what many don’t realize when they begin the process is that only certain doctors are authorized to treat them for their work injuries. Part of the reason for this is that workers’ compensation insurance has to guarantee timely and reliable medical care available...

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