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Are Independent Contractors (1099) Covered By Workers’ Comp in GA?

Whether or not an injured worker is eligible for workers’ compensation under Georgia law partially depends on how much of an employer/employee relationship exists between the worker and the entity employing them. The more control and influence an employer has over the time and manner of the work performed by the worker, the more likely...

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What Are Common Electrical Accidents in Construction?

An Atlanta construction accident lawyer reveals the risks workers face Few jobs are more dangerous than construction work. One of the serious risks workers face is injury or death due to electrical accidents. Workers might not be aware of a hot powerline or lack of ground-fault protection, to name a couple of hazards that can...

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Delivery Driver Accident and Injury Lawyer

Workers who deliver food, packages, people, and other goods are at a much higher risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. They spend their entire day navigating traffic and watching out for aggressive and distracted drivers. When a crash does happen, delivery drivers suffer a great deal of stress. If they were severely...

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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Deadlines and Statute of Limitations

After suffering an injury at work, you probably have many questions. You might be wondering how long you have to report a work injury to your boss or how much time is there to file for workers’ compensation benefits? It’s important to act quickly, otherwise, you run the risk of losing your ability to receive...

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Warehouse Injuries: Do You Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Warehouses and storage areas are full of bustling activity. Products and pallets must be shifted, stacked, unloaded, and loaded. Inventory must be correctly labeled, managed, packaged, and fulfilled as efficiently as possible in a neverending race to keep the supply chain moving. But when proper procedures and safety guidelines are ignored or a machine or...

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Workers’ Compensation for Injured Medical Personnel

Sometimes those who care and provide support for others become patients themselves. Hospital work can be brutal on the body. Nurses, doctors, hospital staff, and emergency medical technicians are hardworking people subject to long shifts and constant exposure to high-stress situations, dangerous chemicals, and violent patients. All of these hazards can build up, leading to...

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Hurt at Work: Why You Need to Immediately Notify Your Employer

After you are injured at work, it’s important not to panic and make rash decisions. Stay calm and consider your options carefully. If you are hurt at work here in Georgia, the workers’ compensation laws require that you report the accident and injury to your employer within 30 days of the injury date. Please note:...

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Can I sue my employer if I was injured in a workplace accident?

So you sustained a workplace injury. Your doctor told you that you can't return to work until you make a full recovery. Meanwhile, your medical bills keep piling up. You're likely wondering who will pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. The bad news is you can't sue your employer. The good news is...

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What Is My Workers’ Compensation Case Worth?

One question I am often asked whenever a potential client calls my firm is: “What is my workers' compensation case worth?” This is a great question and I can certainly understand why clients would want to know the answer. Their lives have been turned upside down because of their on-the-job injury. You may also have...

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Getting Workers' Compensation For An On-The-Job Meniscus Tear

An Atlanta attorney discusses how to get workers' compensation for a work-related meniscus tear. The meniscus is a C-shaped, rubbery piece of cartilage that provides cushioning and stability between the shinbone and thighbone. It acts as a shock absorber within the knee when you walk, climb stairs, or squat down to lift an object. There...

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