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Who Has the Right to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

This post is an excerpt from Attorney Gary Martin Hays and Sarah Jett’s latest best-selling book, The Authority on Wrongful Death Claims in Georgia. As lawyers with extensive knowledge regarding wrongful death cases, they explain who can sue over the wrongful death of a loved one and how a wrongful death attorney can help. Georgia...

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Bruising After a Car Accident: Is It Normal and When to Be Concerned

Violent crashes often lead to serious external and internal trauma. One of the most common symptoms people experience after a collision is bruising. A bruise occurs when blood vessels beneath the skin are crushed and break open. Since the blood is trapped under the skin, the leakage appears as dark red or purple marks. They...

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Treating a Hand Injury After a Crash or Workplace Accident

Hand and wrist fractures, scrapes, and other injuries often occur after a car accident. And hand injuries are the second-most common work-related injury, sending more than one million workers to the emergency room each year (two out of five workplace hand injuries are from cuts or punctures). The hands and wrists are made of many...

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Can strict distracted driving laws prevent car accidents involving teen drivers?

Safe driving not only takes attentiveness and caution, it takes experience. Even after months of driving school, teen drivers still don't have as much experience as those who have been driving for several years. Also, the use of cellphones is very popular among teenagers. Since people tend to be more social during their younger years,...

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What Is a Wrongful Death Claim?

In preparation for the release of Attorney Gary Martin Hays and Sarah Jett’s latest book, The Authority on Wrongful Death Claims in Georgia, we’re releasing a sneak peek of Chapter 2. As lawyers who have extensive knowledge regarding wrongful death cases in Georgia, they explain what exactly “wrongful death” means, examples of actions that can...

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Fever After a Car Accident: Why You Might Have Internal Injuries

Serious car accidents in which one or more vehicles are totaled due to high speeds can wreak havoc on a person’s body. But even minor collisions can cause life-altering, hidden injuries depending on where a vehicle was struck. Internal bodily injury may be immediately apparent. However, symptoms can sometimes be delayed, the body unable to...

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Study: Not All Distracted Driving Involves Cellphones

Like many other states, Georgia has a ban on the use of cellphones while driving. The statewide law, which was passed in 2018, prohibits the handling of cellphones for any reason. That's unless a cellphone is mounted, connected to a hands-free device, or used for emergency purposes. Georgia law enforcement officers have issued more than...

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Atlanta Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer’s Guide On What Your Case Is Worth

One question we are often asked whenever a potential client calls our firms is: “What is my tractor-trailer accident case worth?” This is a great question and we can certainly understand why clients would want to know the answer. Their lives have been turned upside down because of someone else’s negligence. They want to know...

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