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Types of Burn Injuries

Over the years, we've helped several clients that have suffered from horrific burns - either in their homes, their apartments or at work. The American Burn Association estimates approximately 486,000 people a year sustain burn injuries that require medical treatment. Each year, 40,000 people require hospitalization due to a variety of burn injuries - 30,000 of...

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Knee Injury on the job?

You're on the job carrying some tools from your work truck to an air conditioning unit you need to finish repairs.  And then it happens - a loud popping noise. Your right knee has given way and you're suddenly laying on the gravel driveway in pain. Is this a Workers' Compensation claim? The answer is...

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Shoulder Injury on the Job?

Shoulder Injuries on the job can occur from a worker doing a repetitive job, process, or operation on an assembly line, or from lifting heavy or bulky objects - especially if the job involves overhead lifting. The shoulder is composed of three bones: Clavicle (collar bone) Scapula (shoulder blade) Humerus (upper arm bone) For the shoulder to...

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Follow These 5 tips to Prevent Atlanta Accidents During the Holiday Season

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are approximately 250 injuries every single day during the holiday season. The holiday season is a dangerous time for a lot of different reasons. You need to know what the biggest risks are, and how you can take steps to avoid becoming a victim during a...

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Top 3 reasons for Truck Accidents

Some people refer to Tractor Trailers as "40 Tons of Death on Wheels." And for good reason . . . Because of their size, even a low impact collision can lead to serious injuries. A typical, fully loaded large commercial truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds while the average passenger automobile weighs approximately 3,000 pounds....

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Returning to work after an injury?

People get hurt at work every day in Georgia. Often times, these injuries are debilitating. It's important to understand your rights. The last thing you want to do it return to work too soon or risk re-injury. Here are 3 important things to understand before returning to light duty after workers' compensation. If the authorized treating physician...

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