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Serious Injury

Victims of serious injury have legal rights that we will fight for

A serious injury can happen anywhere—now you have somewhere to turn. Turn to the experienced attorneys at Gary Martin Hays & Associates to help you sort through the insurance company red tape and get the compensation you deserve: 1-800-898-HAYS.

Most serious personal injury cases, such as a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, result in permanent changes. The victim may lose the ability to live independently. Someone who sustains a burn injury that affects only one arm may be unable to return to the work he or she did previously. If you sustained any kind of serious injury, you may need to pursue compensation that covers medical and personal care far into the future.

Workplace injuries, such as an electrocution injury on a construction site or a work machine injury in manufacturing, can lead to complicated cases involving multiple insurance coverage and complex liability issues.

How an attorney can help serious personal injury clients

Whatever the accident circumstances, we take the time to meet with a serious personal injury client’s family and medical experts to discuss the victim’s emotional well-being and the prognosis for recovery. This life care planning helps us determine the life-time costs of catastrophic injuries so that compensation is appropriate to the circumstances.

We are ready to help you overcome this difficult challenge. Contact us today.

Serious injury as the result of another’s negligence deserves justice. Call today.

A serious, permanent injury can completely change the way you go through life. Contact the experienced attorneys of Gary Martin Hays & Associates. We’re ready to talk to you right away. There’s no fee or charges for your initial consultation. Take action now: 1-800-898-HAYS.