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A Georgia nursing home injury can happen to you or a loved one. Choose what happens next

Of the more than 27,000 residents who occupy Georgia nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the vast majority of them are in good hands. However, as the population ages and more and more people rely on the services of nursing homes, we are seeing more cases of nursing home abuse and neglect. Horrific cases of nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect occur far more often than many people might realize.

If a loved one has fallen victim to nursing home abuse or neglect, count on Gary Martin Hays & Associates for vigorous, legal representation in your nursing home injury case. Call 1-800-898-HAYS right now. Our experienced injury attorneys know how to gather all the relevant facts. We can collect medical records and interview witnesses. We’re not intimidated by nursing homes – or their insurance companies.

Types of nursing home injuries

While sexual assault in nursing homes generally makes headlines, there are hundreds of other less sensational cases of nursing home injuries involving dehydration, bed sores, falls, or inadequate staffing. These cases are important to the families and victims — and they matter to us, as well. Common forms of nursing home abuse and neglect can include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

If you have any reason to suspect that a loved one in a nursing home has been injured due to the reckless or negligent conduct of another resident or by nursing home staff, we urge you to contact our firm. Even if you are not sure what is happening, we may be able to help put your mind at rest or direct you to an appropriate authority.

Take on insurance companies. We get nursing home injury victims everything they deserve

Serious nursing home injuries demand serious legal representation from an Atlanta attorney who knows how to protect the rights of your loved ones. Contact the experienced attorneys of Gary Martin Hays & Associates. The details of your case will remain confidential, and there is no fee for your initial consultation. Let us show you why you shouldn’t be intimidated by the insurance companies. You can afford to have the law on your side. Call today: 1-800-898-HAYS.