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Owners of property are legally required to ensure the safety of their property to the best of their abilities. However, when these property owners cut corners, users of that property may be put at immediate risk of harm. At Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we understand how to fight insurance companies who try to take advantage of victims of negligent security. If you have questions, we’re ready to answer them and take aggressive action on your behalf. Call 1-800-898-HAYS today.

Negligent security of a building, apartment complex, parking lot, storage facility, or other property can lead to violent crimes or other destructive acts. When property owners or businesses using the space fail to keep the premises secure, they create an unacceptable risk of attacks and other types of criminal behavior. A negligent security case may involve a hotel guest or store patron who becomes a victim of a rape or sexual assault while using a bathroom. These shocking cases of inadequate security should have been prevented. We fight for justice on behalf of our clients. You can rely on Gary Martin Hays & Associates.

Negligent security and intentional acts of harm

Property security is controlled by Georgia premises liability law that states that property owners and managers may be held liable for any injuries resulting from the dangerous nature of a property. There are industry-accepted standards for adequate lighting, supervision of grounds, functional room locks, and other safety measures. Georgians have a right to expect to be kept safe when on the grounds of a business or organization.

Negligent security cases may arise from a failure to:

  • Install video cameras
  • Ensure adequate lighting in common areas and parking lots
  • Install door locks or restrict access to a building
  • Erect a fence (such as around a swimming pool)
  • Run criminal background checks on tenants or employees
  • Establish appropriate security policies and procedures

Injuries received as a result of negligent security can be more traumatic even than ordinary premises liability injuries. Negligent security cases generally involve intentional acts of harm that could realistically have been expected to be prevented.

Negligent security can mean pain, frustration, and expense. Let us help. Call today

Every negligent security victim has the right to see that the law is applied fairly to all, not just to big corporations and insurance companies. At Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we provide aggressive legal representation for personal injury victims. Contact us today. Call 1-800-898-HAYS. Your initial consultation is free and always confidential.