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Third-Party Claim

Attorneys who understand how a third-party claim can help

A workplace accident may not only be the responsibility of your employer: Third party negligence may be a factor. Turn to the experienced attorneys at Gary Martin Hays & Associates to help you sort through the insurance company red tape and get the compensation you deserve. 1-800-898-HAYS

Compensation and third-party claims

If your workplace injury was the result of a work-related car accident, or if you were the victim of a construction accident in which a sub-contractor’s negligence led to your on-the-job injury, you may be entitled to additional sources of compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits. In any case where someone other than your employer or a coworker caused your injury, a lawyer may be able to file a personal injury claim against that third party on your behalf.

In cases such as product liability, the legal responsibility for the injury is complex, with many parties such as a manufacturer or distributor who could be at fault. No matter how complex the legalities, you deserve justice. We aggressively pursue all possible sources of financial compensation for our clients.

A third party liability claim deserves aggressive legal representation.

It’s important to know the facts about personal injury law. Rely on a knowledgeable personal injury law firm: Gary Martin Hays & Associates. We are a resource you can turn to with any question or concern about your rights to compensation in a personal injury case. Contact us today to begin your path to justice: 1-800-898-HAYS.