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Premises liability attorneys who understand what injury victims go through

A premises liability injury can happen almost anywhere-now you have somewhere to turn: the experienced attorneys at Gary Martin Hays & Associates. We help clients sort through the insurance company red tape to get the compensation they deserve. 1-800-898-HAYS

From our Atlanta office, we handle many types of personal injury cases. We take on the insurance companies, large corporations, and other powerful entities that want to deny an individual fair treatment for their injury or loss. For example, property owners and managers who fail to provide adequate security, such as in a hotel, may through their negligence enable a rape or sexual assault to take place. Premises liability cases also may arise out of inadequate lighting leading to a parking lot injury when a pedestrian is struck walking to his or her car. We fight to see victims are treated fairly.

Other types of product liability cases

Manufacturers are another example of powerful companies whose negligence can sometimes cause great harm. We have seen manufacturer negligence in cases of airbag failure or defective medical devices. Retailers who sell defective products also have a share in product liability. We have seen this type of negligence recently with some high-profile defective children’s product cases as well as those involving injuries caused by defective lawn mowers.

At Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we are ready to listen to your side of the story and to put our experience to work for clients.

Your accident changed your life. Now is the time to take control.

We know that a serious personal injury resulting from a premises liability accident or other injury can be a life-altering event. Call Gary Martin Hays & Associates today at 1-800-898-HAYS. There is no fee or obligation for an initial consultation. We’re ready to help—contact our office right away.