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Disability Benefits

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When workplace accident victims are permanently injured, the law can protect them. Call 1-800-898-HAYS today and rely on our experienced attorneys to build the strongest possible case for you.

The purpose of workers’ compensation disability benefits is to compensate somebody who has suffered some degree of permanent loss of ability to work due to a work-related accident. Disability benefits are determined by the disability rating given to the accident victim by the authorized treating physician.

When care providers have done all they can for you, your health status is described as “maximum medical improvement,” or MMI. An evaluation based on American Medical Association guidelines will then determine your percentage of disability. This establishes the disability rating used to determine your Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) benefits.

If you feel your benefits are not in line with the extent of your disability, our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys may be able to help. We have experience challenging the rating assigned to our clients, or we may be able to arrange an independent medical examination.

Every workers’ compensation disability benefits claimant deserves legal representation.

A disability benefits claimant has the right to see that the law is applied fairly. At Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we provide aggressive legal representation for personal injury victims. Contact us today: 1-800-898-HAYS. Your initial consultation is free and always confidential.