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An injury from a faulty product in Georgia can make life difficult—we can help

When you buy any type of consumer product, it’s natural to expect that product to work safely and properly. From child safety seats, to power tools, to cutting-edge electronic devices, product manufacturers have a moral and legal obligation to properly test their products before they reach store shelves. But sometimes this is not the case. Sometimes these big manufacturers put profits over people, rushing products to market before they’ve been adequately tested for safety.

When manufacturers fail to properly warn a consumer of a product’s potential danger or appropriate use, they may be liable for the injuries that result. In other cases, the manufacturing process may have flaws, such as with defective home appliances that cause fires. No matter how you’ve been injured, you can count on Gary Martin Hays & Associates for vigorous, bold legal representation in your product liability case. Call 1-800-898-HAYS right now. Our experienced injury attorneys know how to gather all the relevant facts, and we won’t be intimidated by insurance company pressure.

Types of product liability cases

The range of potentially defective products is long and distressing, including a number of products used by children and adults of all ages. A defective children’s toy may be manufactured with toxic ingredients or an unlabeled choking hazard. Faulty electronic devices, such as a defective toaster oven or laptop computer could lead to electrocution or burn injuries. A new vehicle could be manufactured with defective car parts that increase risk of car accident and injury. Other product liability cases we have seen include:

Construction site accidents sometimes are linked to a defective product. Examples include power tool defects or defective ladders or scaffolding accidents. When defective products injure or kill people, the designers and manufacturers can be held liable — especially when they knowingly sold dangerous products.

Every product liability injury victim deserves aggressive legal representation

Has an accident caused by a defective product brought unexpected changes to your life and your ability to work and support your family? Call us today at 1-800-898-HAYS. Our experienced attorneys have helped folks just like you get the justice they deserve. Contact our office today.